In the realm of rod pumping systems, energy is both consumed and generated with each stroke, regardless of balance. It’s a delicate equilibrium that demands precise control.

Introducing the game-changing Bobcat Energy Monitor. This innovative tool is designed to revolutionize your approach. 

Precise Energy Insights

The Bobcat Energy Monitor goes beyond measurement, offering a continuous output of both energy consumed (kWh) and energy generated (kWh). It's a window into your system's efficiency, illuminating opportunities for optimization.

Demand in Focus

Maximize efficiency with the Bobcat Energy Monitor's assessment of the maximum 15-minute demand (kW), updated every 24 hours. It's a tool that allows you to fine-tune your operations to align with real-time demands.

Strokes of Precision

For rod pumps, every stroke matters. With the Bobcat Energy Monitor, RMS current (amps) is captured per stroke, providing real-time insights. Meanwhile, for other motor systems, current data is gathered every minute, with a maximum output every 24 hours. It's an intricate analysis that unveils performance nuances.

Patents That Speak Innovation

Enhancing our credentials, the Bobcat Energy Monitor proudly holds United States Patents 9041332 and 9279838, attesting to its innovative prowess.

Experience the future of energy and motor monitoring – where data-driven decisions are made, operations are optimized, and success is realized. The Bobcat Energy Monitor isn’t just a tool – it’s your advantage in a competitive landscape.