Jeff DaCunha | Principal 

I am Jeff DaCunha, the lead consultant at BREX, LLC, an organization that has undergone significant development since its establishment in 2009. We started out specializing in rod pumping optimization, dynamometer analysis, rod pumping system design, and top-notch training services. Now, we utilize our expertise in data analytics through the adept execution of data science methodologies.

At Brex we have a comprehensive understanding of petroleum engineering and artificial lift. In particular, we have a deep knowledge of beam pumping systems, encompassing in-depth knowledge of all components, from the prime mover to the downhole pump. Proficient in predictive design and analysis software such as XROD and RODSTAR, we serve as reliable experts in this domain.

Our strategic approach for data science involves applying appropriate methods of machine learning and statistical learning to address petroleum engineering challenges, involving both small and large datasets. We enable the effective resolution of problems and the optimization of solutions for our clients by crafting and implementing sound mathematical techniques and algorithms that extract meaningful information from complex data. BREX has now become a prominent player in the industry, providing comprehensive solutions for businesses globally.

My professional journey commenced in 2006 at Lufkin Automation, where I acquired valuable industry knowledge from my mentors Sam Gibbs, PhD and Ken Nolen, PE. Progressing from there, I played a pivotal role in the inception of Spirit Energy, expanding my expertise in production operations. Subsequently, I served as a production engineer and technical advisor at Pioneer Natural Resources for nearly a decade. Following this, I assumed the position of operations manager at Parsley Energy until mid-2020, when I made the conscious decision to fully dedicate my efforts to consulting.

Over the years, I have accumulated a wealth of experience, ranging from well assessments and fluid level measurements to the formulation of detailed well analyses. Geographical limitations are not a constraint, as I am prepared to travel to provide tailored solutions for businesses both in the United States and globally. My expertise has been shared in various locations, including the United States, Canada, South America, Russia, and the Middle East. I have conducted over 100 multiday industry courses worldwide, focusing on artificial lift theory, optimization, design software, and analysis, as of today, benefiting over 2000 students.

My educational background includes a 2004 graduation from Baylor University, followed by the receipt of the Davies Post Doctoral Research Fellowship through the National Academy of Sciences. During this postdoctoral period, I served as a mathematics professor at the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York, and as an Army Scientist at Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland. My academic qualifications include a BS in Mathematics and Computer Science, an MS and PhD in Mathematics from Baylor University, an MS in Petroleum from Texas A&M University, and an MS in Data Science from the University of Texas at Austin. My commitment to learning and imparting knowledge contributes to the advancement of companies in achieving their objectives.

A significant influence on my professional development has been my association with industry pioneers Sam Gibbs, PhD, and Ken Nolen, PE, founders of Nabla Corporation and inventors of the computed downhole pump card from the wave equation. Since 2006, they have served as my mentors, providing insights into the theoretical and field application nuances of artificial lift, particularly in the context of rod pumping. Regular interactions and real-world lessons with Sam and Ken have equipped me with a unique ability to connect with engineers, software professionals, well technicians, and lease operators.

If you are seeking not just a consulting firm but a true partner in your endeavors, I invite you to contact me today. Together, we can explore the vast possibilities that BREX, LLC offers to elevate your business and create significant impacts in our industry. Our expertise and service is unmatched. We treat every client as if they were our only client.

Let’s make waves together.